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Bss Fcs966
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Bss Fcs966

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The FCS 966 is a two channel graphic equalizer that provides a generous +/-15dB of control range on each of 30 constant Q frequency bands. For optimum performance, each filter band is arranged to be out of circuit if it's sliders are left in the centre of its travel, and thus does not contribute unnecessary noise or distortion.
In addition, a sweepable high pass filter, variable gain, and HF/LF contour controls are provided for extra flexibility. Indication of level is provided by an 8 segment meter that reads input level when the unit is bypassed, and output level when active. This allows accurate level matching of the equalized to unequalized signal. Indication of overload is provided by a separate clip indicator that simultaneously monitors the level at three critical internal points to ensure that any overload does not go unnoticed.
When bypassed, the FCS 966 connects the output directly to the input with a high quality relay, ensuring that a signal passes even with a loss of AC power. The relay drive also incorporates a power on delay and AC power loss detector, ensuring that there is no possibility of on/off thumps being generated by the unit.
For installation flexibility, XLR, Jacks and pluggable terminal block (combi- con) connectors are provided as standard, with transformer isolation on both the inputs and outputs available as an option. The mains lead is a standard detachable IEC type.


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